AI Copywriting Tools – Human Writers Vs. AI Copywriting Tools

AI copywriting tools are gaining popularity in the marketing industry. They are able to perform the same task that human writers do but can produce content faster and more accurately. In fact, these tools have become so sophisticated that they can even create sales letters and landing pages for your clients! But which ones are better? Read on to find out. Listed below are some of the best options. Choosing between human writers and AI copywriters should be based on your specific needs and budget.


If you are looking for a simple and effective way to generate new content for your website or blog, you can use Anyword to write headlines and primary texts for your products and services. The tool can be integrated with your ad account to create customized texts and provide optimization suggestions. The goal is to improve conversion goals to increase profit and revenue. Anyword can create different text variations on a large scale for you, including bulk text variations. It also offers performance scores for your ads and messages.

The AI engine behind Anyword is trained with over two billion pieces of content from various industries. Unlike most human writers, Anyword generates different versions of the same copy based on its learnings. To avoid creating similar copies, Anyword includes a plagiarism checker embedded into its interface. In addition, it can generate copy for any type of project and type. It can even understand the type of content you want to promote, from blog posts to ad campaigns.


If you’re looking for an AI copywriting tool, you’ve probably heard about Rytr. This tool uses artificial intelligence to craft copy for your website, social media accounts, and email series. It’s also good for writing long-form articles and blog posts, though the program has limited capabilities for these tasks. Rytr has an impressive library of content types, making it a good fit for all forms of copywriting, including website copywriters, email marketers, general marketers, and entrepreneurs.

Rytr is a free tool that generates quality content. Users can input seed text to train the software to produce new content. The tool also generates articles, blog posts, and web pages. It also helps YouTubers write effective description and engaging content for their channel. It has a plot writing option to help content creators engage with their audience. The AI copywriting tool will generate content that is engaging and has a high conversion rate.

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AI-powered copywriting tools have several advantages over human writers. For one, they can be trained to write better copy than a human, and they aren’t bothered by mistakes. In addition, AI copywriters can develop a content strategy and conduct keyword research, which can be helpful for SEO purposes. They can also generate content that follows brand guidelines and is optimized for specific platforms. And, of course, they won’t ask for raises!

AI-driven copywriting tools can write product descriptions, sales pages, and blog posts. Many of these tools have niche-specific features, including a Shopify plugin that can generate product descriptions. Some even have the ability to brainstorm content for new products and create multiple unique titles. And if you’re looking to save time, AI-powered copywriting tools can help you write content fast. Here’s a closer look at the pros and cons of both AI-powered and human-powered copywriting tools.


Snazzy AI, the AI copywriting tool acquired by Unbounce, is a great addition to your marketing automation platform. Its AI content generator can produce great copy for your ads, emails, landing pages, pitches, and even TikTok videos. Its co-founders originally launched Snazzy in February 2021 and have since grown to over 30,000 users. This acquisition shows that copywriting AI can help you convert more visitors into paying customers.

Unbounce’s Smart Copy feature has over 30 templates for writing a landing page. The copywriting AI turns your ideas into content. Another AI writing assistant is Rytr. It uses a pain-benefit marketing framework to automatically produce high-converting documents. Unbounce is dedicated to helping SMB marketers grow smarter. To get started, sign up for the free trial. It’s easy to use and includes a free version.